Jyvonne Haskin is an Artist.

Here are recent samples of my art, which at times has been known as my ministry.


Hymn #1 - God is Change

music by Jyvonne Haskin, Lyrics by Octavia Butler

Earthsong: A Hymnal for Earthseed© is a project I've been working on more during pandemic (consequence? perhaps...) but it's been with me for 3 years when I originally composed "Hymn #1." I was reading

adrienne marie brown’s “Emergent Strategy” while flying home from an extended visit with my

lover in Brooklyn. At one point I listened to her written instructions to not engage the book in a

linear fashion so I flipped through and landed on the page that read only this,

All successful life is




Interconnected, and


Understand this.

Use it.

Shape God.

And as I read Octavia Butler’s words I simultaneously heard it in melody. I was so shook, as

never have I composed something so quickly and in such a fashion. It felt ordained by the Lorde

herself! This was 2018 and I’ve since shared it with several spiritual and community groups as a

welcoming and offering to great reception.